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How Industrial Bag Filters Offer Flexible and Economic Filtration

Industrial bag filters offer flexible and economic liquid filtration options to any industry dealing with liquids. Industries utilizing bag filtration include waste water management, pharmaceutical production, food processing, plastics and abrasives production, and mining liquids production. Any industry seeking reliable and efficient liquid filtration can benefit from bag filters.

A filter bag system is designed to filter liquid media by trapping contaminants in the bag material. Filter bags work by fitting inside of a filter bag housing. Then the liquid is sent into the housing and through the bags. The filtered liquid can then continue through the pipeline for processing or production. Filter bags come with various features to meet commercial or industrial needs.

As an alternative to cartridge filters, these industrial filters offer an ability to isolate a higher concentration of contaminants. Also, unlike disposable cartridge filters, they are designed to be reused by emptying the mesh bag of blockages on a routine basis.

Benefits of Bag Filters

These filters offer an economical filtration solution for any industry needing to filter liquids. This system offers highly controlled removal of contaminants and particulates across a wide array of applications. It’s high level of sterility makes it a superior choice for water processing, food production, and pharmaceutical industries. Even commercial systems such as aquariums can benefit from these filters.

The bag filter system may typically be implemented a lower equipment investment than cartridge filters, which may involve more customized mounting solutions for adequate processing. However, the biggest lure of the bag filtration model is its ability to handle extreme process conditions with high success. Bag systems can even handle corrosive or challenging processes, applications, and services.

Types of Bag Filters

The bag filter system is ideal for many commercial and industrial uses. Thousands of models are available, ranging from economical seen filter bags to welded, multi-layer bags designed for demanding loads and applications.

The bag house itself may be made of diverse materials to cope with different capacity requirements. Construction may include glass filled polypropylene, PVC or CPVC materials. These provide variable maximum flow capacities, as well as micron ratings. Most bag houses will have true-union connections. If you need more information from an expert, Fil-Trek Corporation may be able to help you.

Filter bag materials may include Glazed Polypropylene Needled Felt, Singed Polyester Needled Felt, or Nylon Monofilament Mesh.

Where to Buy Industrial Filters

Bag filter systems are widely available from manufacturers and distributors around the globe. Typically, these companies have extensive online and paper catalogs and may offer both telephone or web-based consultation to find the products that best meet your needs.

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