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Paper Shredding to Protect your Privacy

As information became more and more valuable where confidentiality is a must, the need for a device that is able to shred more papers faster than a regular scissor became evident.

The first document shredding attempt was invented by Abbot Augustus Low of Piercefield, New York. His patent for an improved method of disposing of waste paper was approved on August 3, 1909, but was never manufactured.

Adolf Ehinger’s shredding machine was manufactured in 1935 in Germany, designed based on a manually operated pasta machine. Up to this day, Ehinger’s company still manufactures the first paper shredders he invented in 1959.


A paper shredder is a mechanical device designed to cut paper into tiny particles in order to obliterate confidential information. Currently, shredders are recommended to be used on bank account statements, bills, credit card, and tax documents, and which could be used to commit fraud, identity theft, or any acts of illegal nature.


The shredding machines differ based on the measurement and form of the resulting shredded paper.

The choices are:

• Strip-cut paper shredders – cuts the document into narrow strips the length of the original paper. Compared to the other shredding machines, this one ends up with the most waste as the resulting strips are not compressed.

• Cross-cut paper shredders – the resulting paper shreds are in the shape of a diamond.

• Particle-cut paper shredders – the resulting tiny paper shreds are either in square or circular shapes.

• Cardboard paper shredders – designed to shred cardboards into strips or a mesh.

• Disintegrating and granulating paper shredders – continuously cuts the documents until the resulting shreds are so tiny that they can pass through a mesh.

• Hammermills – beat the paper through a screen.

• Pierce-and-tear shredders – perforate and puncture the paper until it falls apart

• Grinders – grind the paper into tiny particles until they can pass through a screen.


Here is a brief list of benefits or advantages of having a document shredding machine:

1. Document Security – shredded documents are free from all kinds of scrutiny. Confidentiality and privacy are protected completely.

2. Waste Reduction – there is the least amount of waste, the waste occupies space and the small amount of waste can easily be disposed of.

3. Protection – Instead of hiring third party shredders to handle and shred delicate documents, shredding is done within the confines of the office. Confidentiality and privacy are not compromised.

4. Budget Planning – Get the shredding machine that fits your budget and your requirements.

5. Shred-it Anything Anytime – Get rid of the confidential papers, CDs, or Credit cards right away.

On-site document shredding is quickly becoming a prominent practice among modern businesses. There is a need to protect delicate information as well as the customer’s private information. The shredders eliminate the fear of the confidential documents falling into the wrong hands.

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