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See The Wonders of China Through A China Tour

China is always in the news for all of its great trends and innovations. Now, you can experience the country yourself with sophisticated travel packages. Go on China tours to travel in groups and see the renowned sights of this country.

History of China

Visit the Great Wall in a tour group and see the 10,000-mile long wall that has existed since the 14th century. Beijing and Xi’an are two cities that are renowned for rich, ancient Chinese history. In Beijing, visit the Forbidden City, the home of many Chinese emperors and ceremonies. The Temple of Heaven is a famous temple where many religious ceremonies took place during the Ming dynasty.

Shaanxi History Museum, located in Xi’an, holds thousands of paintings and artifacts from the Tang, Han and Ming dynasties. See the Terracotta Warriors, the famous funerary art buried near the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor.

Culture of China

Chinese culture has different meanings to different people. For many, it means preserving the past and promoting the future. For others, it means blending the different time periods together. Chinese culture is diverse in that it includes both ancient Chinese traditions and modern Western traditions.

China has all of the modern conveniences that people enjoy in most developed countries. There are fast food restaurants, movie theaters, upscale hotels and shopping malls that appeal to tourists.

Some people like traveling to this country to attend the different festivals. In January, Lantern Festival is a parade show of lanterns that concludes Chinese New Year celebrations. In May, there is the Dragon Boat Festival that celebrates with dragon boat racing, wine drinking and ancient games.

Food of China

Chinese food is renowned around the world, but for many eaters, it is ideal to enjoy the food in its natural environment. You have more restaurants to choose from. Here, you can interact with chefs and take cooking lessons. In addition to enjoying authentic food, you will see how the regional foods vary in taste.

Landmarks of China

There are many other Chinese landmarks to see on your trip. Walk on The Bund, a promenade with views of Shanghai at night. Jiuzhaigou is a national park connected to the Min Mountains, featuring lakes and wildlife.

China is one of the most unique and ancient countries to visit. There are so many different landmarks to see that it is easy to get lost and confused. Go on a smooth sightseeing trip through this ancient country by choosing group tours. For more information, please visit Tour East Holidays to find additional resources.

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