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Top 6 Gift Basket Ideas for a Baby Shower

Trying to find the perfect baby shower gift on a gift registry can be tough. Some items may be too expensive. Other items, while necessary, aren’t that much fun to give as gifts. A gift basket can be a fun way to fit your baby shower gift to your budget. To pick out gift basket ideas, visit the Boodles of Basket website for some inspiration!

Here are 6 ideas to help you put together the best baby shower gift basket.

1. Bath Time Basket

A bath time basket could be as simple as picking out a gentle baby wash and baby lotion. You can also easily add towels, washcloths, a comb or brush, and bath toys. You could even turn the baby bathtub into the gift basket by arranging everything else inside.

2. Bedtime Basket

What parent wouldn’t love a basket filled with soft pajamas and a bedtime book or two? A soothing bedtime lotion or a sweet stuffed animal to snuggle would also be good additions. Want to spend a little more? Throw in cozy blankets or crib sheets for baby’s bed.

3. Snack Time Basket

Putting together a collection of items new parents might need to feed baby can also make a cute gift basket. Cups, bibs, feeding spoons, and snack cups will all be very helpful in a few months when baby starts eating solid food. You will probably want to leave out any food, but you could tuck in a grocery store gift card for later.

4. Playtime Basket

This might be the most fun gift basket to put together. Combine small toys meant for the stroller or the car seat with silly storybooks or larger toys. Add a blanket to protect the baby from the floor and the floor from the baby. Put it all in a basket or bin that can be used for toy storage as baby grows up.

5. Sick Day Basket

No one wants to think about their baby getting sick, but if it happens, it can be a great relief for new parents to have what they need on hand without having to make a trip to the store. A good thermometer for checking baby’s temperature and small bottles of common infant medications like a fever reducer or gas drops would go well with an extra snuggly blanket or another comfort object. You could also add small toiletry items like nail clippers or a first aid kit.

6. Diaper Change Basket

This gift basket starts with the basics: diapers and wipes. Make it more fun by adding a changing pad cover for the changing table or a new outfit for those inevitable diaper disasters. Make it silly by adding clothespins for parents’ noses or a headlamp for those midnight diaper changes.

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